150 Core | 150 sq ft Room Kit



  • 3 Absorbers
  • 4 Bass Traps
  • 2 Deflectors
Because all Modde acoustic panels are handmade to order, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  • Absorbers × 3

  • Bass Traps × 4

  • Deflectors × 2

'Core' Room Kit

Acoustic treatment at maximum efficiency.

Room Kits Compared


If space is at a premium and you have obstructions like windows, closets and ceiling fans, this room kit is designed to correct your most pressing acoustical issues and flatten and clarify the lows, mids, and imaging for a near-field environment.
retail cost: $3,561


The Plus kit adds ceiling clouds to the Core kit to dampen speaker-to-ceiling and floor-to-ceiling reflections which create phase issues and frequency cancelations. The ceiling cloud also offers additional broadband absorption.
retail cost: $5,358


The Complete kit adds two additional deflectors and three quadratic diffusers to the Plus kit. The diffusers break up directional sound waves across a broad frequency range and breathe a natural ambience into your space. The additional deflectors provide broadband absorption and direct sound back to the diffusers.
retail cost: $6,855

Built with care.
Designed with purpose.