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a Quick look at modde acoustics

The story of Modde.

acoustical transparency. emboldened design.

Beautify your space
with furniture-grade hardwoods and fabrics.

Trusted by Industry Leaders.

Built with care, by people who care.


Each panel is cut, veneered, filled, and finished by hand in our woodshop. Before packing for shipment, the panel is checked for any nicks, tears, or other blemishes.


We go to great lengths to use recycled materials in all parts of our production pipeline, from the recycled MDF cores in each panel all the way down to the recycled cardboard packaging that secure each panel for shipping.


Most panels utilize Rockwool, a man-made insulating agent manufactured by combining chalk and minerals under intense heat and binding the particles together with phenol formaldehyde. The resulting insulation panels are packed full of potentially harmful dust and small fibers which can cause irritation and potentially even health risks to individuals with sensitivities.

Our proprietary absorptive material is formulated with 100% non-toxic, recycled materials.

Real Hardwood Veneers

We use premium veneers around a recycled MDF core for two reasons:

  1. It means our panels won't bend or warp over time, which is a common problem that panels framed from solid woods face.  
  2. It reduces our impact on the environment while providing the same beautiful hardwood finishes you'd see on a high-end piece of furniture.

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